Unlimited Design Membership

By signing-up with this membership plan

you are stating that you have read and agree

to accept the following terms

High End Graphics is a graphic design agency providing brands with unlimited design requests, unlimited revisions.

We are your dedicated design team all for a low flat monthly rate.

Sign up, try us out for 7 days for free,

and then cancel or stay subscribed!


You are not billed during the trial period. So why do we collect payment details when you sign up? To make sure we only onboard clients who are seriously considering High End Graphics. If during the trial you feel that High End is not the right fit for you, simply cancel and you won’t be charged a cent!

Below are guidelines for the trial as well as some tips to help you determine if High End is right for you:

During your trial and setup period, we will walk you through our process and maintain communication with you so that you get the most out of our service.

you can make up to 2 requests to test our service, workflow, and design quality.

1 request = 1 design (i.e. a single print or digital creative, or up to 2-3 pages of a multi-page design, depending on the amount of content).

During your trial, you will only receive designs with a watermark on them.

If you decide to subscribe to the service you will receive your trial designs without a watermark, as well as the source files and/or print-ready files.

After you subscribe, you’ll receive source files and/or print-ready files for all your requests!

Make your 2 requests all at once so that we can ask for clarification and then work through them, and any revisions you’ll require, as quickly as possible. This way you’ll get a good sense of what working with your High End Team is like. And you’ll be able to make a confident decision within your 14 day trial about whether you’d like a full subscription.

If you decide our service is not for you and you would like to cancel:

  • You will not be charged and no rights to any of the the files will be transferred to you.

  • All designed files will remain the property of High End Graphics

The following requests are limited during trials:

  • Illustration requests are limited during trials:

During your trial, you may request one simple illustration. Complex illustrations are not included during the trial.

  • Multi-page design requests are limited during trials:

During your trial, if you wish to request a multipage design such as an ebook, we will complete up to 2-3 pages, as one design request. Your Project Manager will advise you of how many pages can be completed based on the amount of content you provide.

If you’d like to skip the trial and move forward with a full subscription just let your representative know so that you can be immediately set up.


1.MEMBER shall contract HIGH END for branding, graphic design, illustration, artwork, product concept creation, visual social media content creation, and consultation.

2. HIGH END and MEMBER agree that the Membership Agreement shall be for a period of one month with automatic monthly renewals unless and until cancelled in accordance with the Termination provisions of the Membership Agreement.


Project Management System

HIGH END’s design team works out of a shareable project management system (Asana)

At HIGH END’s discretion, MEMBER is allowed access to a premium version private members area of HIGH END’s Asana as needed to easily give feedback on projects, gain access to upgraded features, and communicate on ongoing projects.

For organizational flow and speed of delivery, HIGH END will only work out of the provided Asana premium workspace and will not join any external project management systems or Asana accounts specifically for design project purposes.

Projects are coordinated by a project manager with team members of HIGH END for execution.

Unlimited Design Definition:

High End Graphics' unlimited graphic design service includes unlimited requests and unlimited revisions. Think of it as having dedicated design specialists on your team and gaining access to their creative thinking and process on deliverables for that month. This means that you can make as many requests as you’d like, and we’ll work through them one or 2 at a time as quickly as possible.


  • One new design = One request

  • Revisions = one request

  • Make as many requests as you like! (unlimited)

We can handle up to 2, sometimes 3 ongoing requests at a time depending on project scope. (Please see below section on Turn Around Times)

Once you submit your requests, your dedicated Project Manager will review them, to ensure we have all the details required. Then they’ll assign them to your design team.

By default, your requests will be completed in the order you submit them. But if you ever need to change the order, or prioritize a certain task, or tasks, you can do so by letting our Project Manager know.


Access to our design process and work is for active members only.

This is similar to any premium subscription service.

This process will last as long as you are an active paid member.

Any Member not paid for the monthly membership fee may not ask for new requests or any revisions.

If Member would like any design work done, they must bring their account back to active paid status to continue.


You will have all rights to the finished product

Once your finalized design is completed you have full unlimited reproduction and printing rights to all your FINAL APPROVED DESIGNS

  • During the process we show you various options, designs, drafts and ideas so that you have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Once a design draft has been chosen, revised and completed, that becomes your "Final design".

*Final designs are the completed print-ready, or presentation-ready works.

  • Your final approved designs (Finished product) will be your property and we will never sell those on our site or to other members


CLIENT will not own any fonts (unless purchased by client), 3rd party plugins (unless purchased by client), discarded drafts & ideas originated by High End, sketches, or stock photos.

Social Media Design

HIGH END is a graphic design firm and not a “social media management team”, therefore HIGH END’s responsibilities under the “Unlimited Design plan” is for digital visual asset creation and visual content.

HIGH END will load approved content into shared folders and/or social media management systems.

HIGH END will not post content directly to MEMBER’s social media accounts, and will not communicate with followers or answer direct messages on MEMBER’s behalf.

HIGH END may use third party social media management tools to load approved assets using tools for convenience and easy access by MEMBER.

These tools may require social media account login information from MEMBER to give to HIGH END to be able to access and setup these tools for MEMBER.

Technical Support Policy

Technical Support such as web maintenance, web development, plug-in updates, coding, security updates, search engine optimization, systems set up, or any work on MEMBER’s website or third party software is not included in the Unlimited Design plan”. But may be included on other plans.

Website work requires specific skills and time investment from a professional specializing in technical support. HIGH END has professionals on their team that can help in these areas and can provide these services with a separate fee.

The pricing will be dependent on the scope of what is needed.

Information and details given to HIGH END by MEMBER

Please note that the following details and information must be provided to HIGH END on a regular basis by MEMBER

  • Pictures: All pictures from events, product pictures, etc.

  • Videos: All videos from events, product showcase videos, etc.

  • Events and Holiday details: Any and all holiday or event details at least 1 week (preferably more) in advance so that we can have enough time to create the appropriate assets.

  • Poster’s, previously used promotional material: All previously used posters, ads, magazine ads, and other promotional material so that we have a good idea of the branding look and feel.

  • Brand manual or any existing guidelines: A copy of any brand manual or guideline manual if it exists. Also, high resolution images of the logos.

  • And any other important information and newsworthy items for the brand that can be shared with the online community.

NOTE: All materials and proprietary information given to or created by HIGH END, like brochures, audio, videos, photos, etc, will only be used for promotional purposes. It will not be used for any other purposes in any shape or form, unless give permission by MEMBER, and will be returned if & when required


Under the “Unlimited Design plan,” HIGH END will not be responsible for creating captions or any copy for the posts or any blog posts or written content. If MEMBER desires more than graphic design, and needs captions and copy, it is understood that MEMBER can request an upgrade for a membership plan that includes written copy.

Spelling, proof reading and grammar.

The MEMBER shall bear full responsibility for the accuracy of all written work, including spelling and grammar. HIGH END GRAPHICS shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in the written work, including any spelling or grammatical mistakes or any costs this might incur.

Turn-around times

Turn around time for drafts is approximately 2-3 business days on most design tasks to assure quality control on the design work and satisfaction and can become faster as HIGH END and MEMBER grow together and achieve a rhythm and flow.

We can handle 2-3 requests at a time (depending on scope of the project and how heavy the project is)
If the project scope is of a "heavier" nature, such as Web Design or Pitch Decks or Brochures with many pages, we may be only able to handle 1 of these at a time.
But just ask! And we'll work with you and communicate reasonable expectations.


Any rush jobs can be REQUESTED but not guaranteed.
Any requests needing a faster than normal turnaround time should be clearly explained in the request with the desired due date and we will review and do our best to accomodate if its possible.


Production times are from 6pm EST to 12am EST -

Orders should be placed with HIGH END in the ASANA project management system before 4pm EST to be placed in the production schedule to meet turnaround time expectations. If the requested project is received after 4pm the request will be processed the following day.


MEMBER will make automated payments to HIGH END by monthly salary at the start of each working month. MEMBER will honor their full payment agreed upon per month paid to HIGH END and HIGH END will provide services and time with the intent to grow MEMBER’s business and digital presence together. MEMBER can cancel at any time.


HIGH END agrees to perform faithfully, industriously, and to the best of HIGH END’s ability, experience, and talents, all of the duties that may be required by the express and implicit terms of this Agreement, to the reasonable satisfaction of MEMBER.


HIGH END shall provide MEMBER with any information, suggestions, and recommendations regarding MEMBER's business, of which HIGH END has knowledge, that will be of benefit to MEMBER.


All information given to HIGH END will be treated as confidential and proprietary in nature and will not be used by HIGH END without permission.


Member agrees that HIGH END can use any final designs created for MEMBER in HIGH END's portfolio, social media and promotional materials for purposes of exhibiting past work.


Both parties undertake that each will not for the duration of this Agreement and for a period of two years from the termination of this Agreement entice away or endeavor to entice away from the other party any employee of such other party. Each party acknowledges that the prohibition and restriction contained in this clause are reasonable in the circumstances and necessary to protect the business of the other party.


Neither Party shall have the right to enter into any contracts or commitments for or on behalf of the other without first obtaining the express written consent of the other.


If HIGH END or MEMBER is in violation of this Agreement, or wishes to cancel the plan for any reason, either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days notice. If MEMBER cancels, MEMBER agrees to compensate HIGH END for any work performed prior to the date of termination.

HIGH END GRAPHICS reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. The modified terms shall become effective immediately upon posting and HIGH END shall email MEMBER such modified terms upon posting.